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Ke$ha's tribe of twinks and tweens.

Photo by The Cobrasnake

I have always been perplexed by the brand of Ke$ha. Apparently she sold the most digital singles in 2k10, but she doesn't seem 'as famous' as Lady Gaga. She can't sell out entire arenas and plays smaller clubs, but her music must appeal to some1 [via weird mainstream demographics]. I feel like there are more 'weird Middle Americans' who are searching 4 an authentic identity [via sexuality] than we realize.

Have u ever been 2 a Ke$ha concert/do u know any1 who is an 'ardent member' of Ke$ha's 'tribe'?

Her concert is 'a lot like a Blue Man Group concert' except it is more ghey/conceptual [via glittery].

(Side Note: I brought my daughter. She's a princess and her GPA was above 3.25. Happy Graduation, Sugar!)

Female pop artists really help me 2 discover my innter-alt twink.

What is more authentic: buying a t-shirt of ur fave human...

or making a tshirt of ur fave human?

Dressed up like 'effing hipsters' 2 go to a Ke$ha concert.

Sometiems I wonder if being a relevant GHEY VIP is a more fruitful lifestyle than being a relevant alt VIP

Purgatory alts

R u Ke$ha, bb?

Yes, our parents dropped us off. Yes. We have fauxhawks..

Yes. We are still on Myspace. It is the only social network that has a thriving 'slutty electro pop scene.'

Disabled ppl automatically get portable/mobile VIP status.

I <3 the Rolling Stones and bros who look like Mick Jagger

It's not a real concert unless there is a dancing peen on stage.

Who picked the smartest snack?

I like ur outfit. I like ur nip slip.

'we got here 24 hours before the show so that we could be front + center.'

Sometimes I wish I could be young again so that I can remember what it feels like to be 'loved' because ur parents didn't let you get corrupted by mainstream evils.

It was actually a very liberating concert. I learned that I was not just a skinny teen who wasn't sure about his sexuality. I had finally become an official twink.

Future Girls Night Out Association of America

God Bless Us. Every1 who is a fan of something.

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What kind of human/alt/consumer listens to Ke$ha?