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Which of the Puro Instinct sisters is the kutest?

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One of the breakout bands of 2k11's SXSW was Puro Instinct, just in terms of 'mainstream magazines pretending that they are supposed to care about now' even though they have been being Gorilla Vs Beared for the past 2 years. Anyways, their music is 'good enough to sound buzzworthy', but potentially forgettable in the long term, but I am more interested in solving a way more important issue with their career arc:

Which of the Puro Instinct Sisters is keuter/cuter/kuter/QT-er?

It is a really difficult question, mainly because the sisters are age 23 (Piper Kaplan) and 16 (Skyler Kaplan). Piper is the lead singer, but Skylar is the lead guitarist, and u get the sense that she is the 'prodigy' behind the entire band. On the other hand, Piper could be interpreted as 'the keut female manifestation of Ariel Pink's personal brand', so if u have a mancrush on Ariel Pink and have weird wet dreams like the "For Kate I Wait" video, then maybe Piper seems like a good solution 4 u.

I srsly haven't swooned this hard since Regine... <3 her. I am alway interested in recruiting new keut alt females 2 recruit into the group of women that altbros and male music critics can 'get an indie boner ovr.' Seems like Puro Instinct presents us with a 'Double Ur Flavor, Double ur Fun' type of scenario.

Current Power Rankings of Alt QT indie songstresses
1. Vicki LeGrand
2. Alice Glass
3. Kickball Katy
3.5. Regine Chassagne
4. Zooey Deschanel
5. Madeline Follin (Cults)
?. Puro Sister #1
?. Puro Sister #2
?. Dirty Proj 1
?. Dirty Proj 2
?. Dirty Proj 3
8. Andrea Estella
9. Alexis 'Sexi Lexi' Krauss
10. Rebecca Black
20. That Chairlift slutwaver
40. That AZN in LCD Soundsystem/The Pains of Being Pure At heart
69. Joanna Newsom
74. Avey Tare's ex wife
91. Bjork
100. Bethany Cosentino

Who is at the top of ur current indie songstress QT power rankings?

However, part of me wonders if they are the #1 lofi sex icons in the world right now, especially after their provocative album art for Headbangers in Ecstasy.

Both of them look like total sex icons. It seems like this might be 'controversial' because we are forced to analyze the personal brand of 2 young ladies, however, u can't deny their indie physical attraction, wearing premium vintage-wave clothing...

They both look kinda keut as they walk around with Ariel Pink in the Stilyagi video.

Sorta jeal of Ariel for getting some quality time with them.

Another video 4 'Silky Eyes' features both Puro Sisters being hella keut. I am so confused yall... Which 1 is keuter?

I think Skylar looks good in this pic. S0 keut. Wish I could be back in high school and d8 a girl in a relevant buzzy band

Piper looks kinda keut here, though

They are just such keut altbaguettes. U have 2 give props to 16-year-old Skylar 4 skipping the entry level phase of 'being an alt tween'... I feel like that might give her an edge to me...

But at the same time, I am legally allowed 2 lust over Piper... I could go up to her at a show and say "I love your band" and we could instantly go on a date to Chili's and I wouldn't go to jail...

They have both rlly evolved since they were called 'Pearl Harbor.' I wonder if they are entering their lofi alt primes.

I'm s000 incredibly confused... Who do yall think is the keutest Puro Sister?
Skylar or Piper? There has 2 be a right answer... I want 2 know everything abt them... I want 2 know abt their parents, if they went 2 a school for the arts... If they went to an elementary school that manufactured lofi music producers....
R u on #TeamSkylar or #TeamPiper?
R u 'riding childpredatorwaves' if ur on #TeamSkylar, or can u be on her team if ur in it 4 the right reasons because <3 has no age?

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Do u care abt the other members of Puro Instinct? Do they have equity in the band?
Is Skylar the musical genius behind Puro Instinct?
Do u like their music, or is it just 'overvalued post-Ariel Pink lofi'?
Can Piper take her on-stage personal brand to Alice Glass-type levels?
Should we invest more indie <3 and attention into Skylar because she has the most potential to bring us buzzworthy tunes and memes for the next 20 years?
Would u rather invest buzz dollars in Puro Instinct or Cults?
Is this the beginning of the end of Bethany Cosentino's domination of the fuzzy buzzy female spotlight?
Do u think there is some tension within the family bc each of them wants 2 be more famous?
Should Skylar get her own MTV show abt life as a 16 year old in a buzzband?
Will Skylar become an authentic fashion icon [via Tavi]?

S00 confused...

(Yall...Off the record... I think I am on #TeamSkylar)

Do u ever just sit in ur room listening 2 "Luv Goon", thinking abt what life with a Puro Sister would be like?

Puro Instinct

Puro Instinct is a fuzzy buzzy lofi band consisting of the Kaplan sisters, Piper and Skylar.

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Skylar Kaplan

Alternative Celebrity

Skylar is the lead guitarist and songwriter of the hit sister-wave buzzband Puro Instinct.

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Piper Kaplan

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Piper Kaplan is the QT lead singer of Puro Instinct.

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