I found out about Kanye West after his 10.0, so I went to see him perform live at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade | Hipster Runoff

I found out about Kanye West after his 10.0, so I went to see him perform live at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Kanye West recently received a 10.0 from Pitchfork Magazine [link], making him the #1 indie artist of all time. I felt really confused, because I had never really checked out his mainstream ass. I am a predominately white indie music listener, but I am open to all musical experiences in the post-AnCo world, so if they say the shit is legit, I will check it out 4 sure. I went to see Kanye West's live performance at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He sang some song that had a bunch of layers, but there was no backing band. It was kind of weird. Like a bunch of female voices were singing, but he was the only bro on the float. There weren't even little elf people dressed up pretending to sing.

s0 confused.

Felt really disappointed. Just really couldn't see 'greatness' in this song. Maybe I am not at the correct performance where he can really spread his wings and show us his stuff, but I am just an irrelevant American consumer who is trying to 'stay culturally connected' without many high level connxns + having 2 save money on concert tix. This was honestly going to be the only opportunity I would ever have to see a 10.0 artist perform live, and after that 1 minute and 30 second performance... it might be my last.

Feel like maybe his album isn't as good as every1 says it is, but maybe I am just judging by this performance and that is not fair. Not sure why he went on this Thanksgiving Day Parade to 'pretend he is singing' when he already has all of the indie cred in the world. Maybe it is 'performance art', but maybe he jut needs to sell more records 2 mainstreamers. So conflicted. Honestly this shit 'ruined my Thanksgiving.' I was thankful that there was another 10.0 artist in our world...but at the same time, maybe that 10.0 was just a sweet, sweet illusion to try to get us thru the great buzz drought of 2k10.

So confused by his modern post-apocalyptic blipster brand.

Should I get a Kanye West headband that says "10.0" on it?

Are Corey Feldman Lost Boys headbands the 'new shuttershades'?

Kinda bummed.
Was chanting "TEN POINT OH" as his float pulled up
but no1 knew what the hell I was talking abt
then ppl started laughing at him during his performance
bc of what he was wearing
and how he was 'clearly lip synching'

Really just a sad day for the state of modern indie music
I am not thankful 4 the state of my indie life right now
Stood in the cold
To see a failed 10.0

He seems so proud of his 10.0. On top of the world. Jeal/sad/devastated.

At least there were some pretty chill huge balloon thingies.
Decided 2 just rate them instead of being bummed about my 10.0 experience.


Kool Aid Bro: 9.4
Really solid effort skate boarding on chillwaves, living a kool ass lifestyle.

Dora the Explorer Broad: 1.5
Failed sophomore effort by indie songstress Dora. H8 females who think they are relevant balloons.

SpongeBob Lamestreamer Pants: 3.2
H8 ppl who are in2 spongebob 2 be all 'quirky.'

Ronald McDonald: 8.4
Smelled like a McDonalds franchise location. Transcended the genre of balloons with sonic posturings in the transcendent foodgaze genre.

Kung Fu Panda Bear: 9.9
Brilliant duet with Jack Black bringing to life the whimsical world of a Panda who could perform Kung Fu.

Kermit the Frog: 7.8
A disappointing followup performance by the once relevant Muppetcore artist.

Mr Potato Head (Señor Cabeza de Papa): 6.8
A valliant effort by the Latino sample-based artist Señor Papito

Pillsbury Dough Boy: 10.0
An introspective masterpiece in puff pastry wave by the Pillsbury Bro Boi. A true journey into the soul of the Dough Boy, with a matured production process demonstrating evolution beyond that bake-wave genre.

Who deserved a 10.0?
R u sad abt this Kanye West performance?
Do u think he 'ruined his brand'?
Do mainstreamers care abt the 'brilliance' of the Kanye West album or will they 'buy anything'?
What is the best balloon of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?
Is Kanye West 'full of hot air'? [via journalistic-wave balloon metaphor closing line]