Did yall watch the American Music Awards? [via no1 gives a shit] | Hipster Runoff

Did yall watch the American Music Awards? [via no1 gives a shit]

I'm not sure what the American Music Awards is, who cares abt it, who watches it, who 'actually wants 2 win 1' and who thinks that 'winning' an AMA 'means something.' I feel like maybe MTV Awards shows are probably more relevant than 'real awards shows' because they accept the model/gimmick that they are just trying to create fake events that generate long lasting memes, but these awards shows still have to pretend that they 'mean something.'

Not sure if the old ppl pictured above are 'in charge of it' or if they are just lost parents looking for a neighboring convention center room.

Seems like the only notable meme was this 'tween oreo' picture of Jayden Smith, Justin Bieber, and Willow Smith.

Will Willow Smith be able to keep her meme going/does her song 'resonate with tweens' or does she need to ride Miley-ass slutwaves?

Feel like these days u can turn any random ass tween into a 'tween sensation.' This is Julio, a 3rd grader discovered on youtube who now has a record contract + Disney show.

'I hate my abusive stage dad.' - Julio

Probably wasn't a 'real event' if K3$ha wore a torn ass garbage bag

Keut eyebrows. Ur a fashion icon who will be remembered 4evr

Not sure if Katy Perry actually went or just sent a 'wax statue' of herself

At least she sported some camel toe 4 a meme

Taylor Swift is sort of morphing into a slutwaver in the same way that porn stars like Sasha Grey and Faye Valentine 'got hot' because they didn't have cartoon-titties but just were 'super nasty' and 'loved fucking'

Best New Bangs Award

Who invited Mandy Moore? Has she done anything relevant since "A Walk 2 Remember" / "Candy.mp3"?

'Breathe in, breathe out.' -Gavin Rossdale from the buzzband BUSH

Wonder if Gwen Stefani regrets marrying him since he was potentially 'only hot' in the 90s.

"Who the eff is Rob Thomas?" -Gavin Rossdale collabing with Santana to 'crush it' during a cover of "Smooth"

My free spirited 4th grade Spanish teacher showed up.

Apparently the Backstreet Boys and the New Kids on the Block 'merged' and they are going to start touring together even though they are all fat, old, gross, and can't sing as well.

I wonder how these bros are able to handle 'not being famous' any more. I imagine them ordering a sandwich at Subway and waiting anxiously for the sandwich artist 2 recognize them.

Here is some really embarrassing video of their live performance.
Kinda funnie 2 see people trying to get back into these brands.

Wonder if all of the non-Timberlake members of NSYNC wish JT's career was 'tanking' so that they could 'reunite'

No idea who this dude is, but looks like the guy who made my fries at Jack N the Box last nite.

No idea who this guy is, but looks like the guy I had to 'argue with' when they effed up my order at Jack N the Box last nite.

Worried that Xtina Aguliarea has been vibing at Jack N the Box a lil bit too much [via 2 for 99 cents tacos]


Tweens bein Tweens

'And now that ur gone, I just want to be with u... Bailamos... I can be ur hero, baby' -Enrique Englishiash

Heidi Klum considers 'trading in' her old black husband 4 a new 1 [via Seal ---> Usher]

Do u think 'Kiss from a Rose' is better than any Usher song evr?

Barrack Obama's son "Jeff Obama"

I heard that Nicky Minaj is like 'a more marketable/talented MIA' or something

'I fucked Jim Carrey and cured autism.' - Jenny McCarthy's new career arc

'My egg + Will Smith's semen really produced some talented, cool ass kids.' -Jada Pinkett's career being saved by marrying Will Smith

American Idol star Adam Lambert

Does n e 1 know if Kelly Osborne 'lost weight' or not?

'Ur hair looks like red curly fries' - lowest common denominator blog joke humor

'Hey it's me. The guy from Train' -Drops of Jupiter

Academy Award Winner Hillary Swank


Mike 'Jersey Shore meme is pretty much dead' Situation Jersey Shore guy

No idea who this is, but if I had to guess, I would say 'The guy from Owl City'

K3$ha tries to be Lady Gaga/Daft Punk / show off her 'sweet synth collection'

Miss u Sher Crow [via All I wanna Do is have some funs]

Wonder if Usher owning a significant percentage in equity of Justin Bieber means that the remnant effects of slavery are finally ovr.

Wonder if Will.I.Am/the Black Eyed Peas letting Fergie into their group means that [statement about racial relations/history in the USA]

g2g need to vibe out on some Tween Oreos

Did u watch the AMAs?
Do u feel sad for awards shows losing cred in the modern world because the internet makes things less meaningful?
Did anything 'memorable' happen at this awards show?
Do u think it is a 'real event' when famous ppl get together any more, or is fame so 'fleeting' in the modern world that it is just kinda an intentionally ironic simulated event?
If u won an AMA would u think u accomplished something, or would u be ashamed of urself?