What do crunkwave suburban tweens who go to Brokencyde concerts look like? | Hipster Runoff

What do crunkwave suburban tweens who go to Brokencyde concerts look like?

Photos by Travis Egedy Picture Plane [myspace]

Hey look, it is the popular mexi alt screamo crunk wave band BROKENCYDE. Kinda miss them. Wish they could be integrated more into rave culture. Do yall remember when the popular 2k9 meme which was Brokencyyde's hit anthem "FREAXX" hit the internet? Every1 in the high level indie blogosphere was making fun of it, because it mashed up numerous low-end genres. Screamo, emo, crunk, hiphop, horrorcore, and anything else that the poor/uneducated/young/impressionable end up listening to. We all 'laughed at it' as we gawked at Brokencyde's interpretation of the world.

Many claimed that this was just a strategic internet meme, and there was no real band behind this brilliant anthem about 'getting freaky.' However, there is actually a Brokencyde, and they have a core group of fans who show up 2 their shows. Do yall know if there is a difference between 'emos' and 'scene juggalos' and 'nightmare before Christmas Teens' and 'Hot Topic bros'? Is there an official word for an African American emo / juggalo / scene person? Not sure what the deal with those neon troll feet is. Would probably just wear lace up converse shoes to 'get my dance on' without worrying about walking in puddles of water Fuzzle wuzzle feet Wonder if ur parents drop u off like that, or do u bring a lil bag with ur zany accessories to change into while ur waiting in line? Really miss the era of myspacers worth blogging about [via OMG WTF] Should I turn my Green Day tshirt into a bikini? Here's some more Brokencyde just so u can vibe out to some crunk haus while u read this post.

Looks sorta like an ethnic version of the Crystal Castles album cover. Scared of this mexi alt. Worried abt his eye balls / retinas READ MORE SCENE JUGGALO CONTENTWanna be in a scene couple and do scene things together like sharing hair irons, watching Japanime, and sharing pants Need a pokemon haircut Seems like every subculture has their version of a 'mainstream' demographic this girl seems like she is 'just going thru a phase' Worried about the scene Flock of Seagulls Cookie Monster bro Feel like some genres of humans aren't asexual, but post-sexual Does n e 1 know if Brokencyde is a horrorcore/juggalo brand, or do they just appeal to that subspecies of humans? Whatevz. Just gonna go munch on some cookies with Flock of SeagullCookieMonsterBro. Does n e 1 know what the appeal of Brokencyde is? Is this type of music for impressionable minority suburbanites? Is this music for 'white trash'? Is Hot Topic ruining America by idealizing the consumerization of uneducated alt culture? Are these kids 'trying to create a perfect scene' like the indiesphere, or are they just listening to disgusting music with disgusting themes, mashing up everything there is 2 hate about our American society? Are yall worried about Mexi Alts? Will Brokencyde win Pitchfork's album of the year? Is Denver, CO the sister city of Los Angeles? Is the majority of music 'made for stupid people'? Do u think members of the indie blogosphere scene are 'better' than these people? Should we all just get Flock of Seagulls haircuts and eat a shit load of cookies? Laters