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Are Las Robertas the new Best Coast? Is BlissWave the new Chillwave?

Las Robertas Street Feelings

(via Gorilla Vs Bear)
(Download free EP @ bandcamp)

The post-chillwave era make me feel kind of lost. I am not sure what I am searching for after this era of 'chilling authentically with a group of bros', listening to nostalgic music that reminds me of my youth. I'd give anything to go back to my youth, back when I didn't have to worry about anything, and I just got to be a little bro. Back before 'bro' was a complex social term / way of life. Tired of being a post-altbro. I've gone from indie, to electro, to conceptual core, to chillwave... now what?

I feel like now it might be time for the current 'popular indie music zeitgeist' to manifest itself in our desire for something most serious than just nightly chill sessions with our bros. We want to enter a relationship that is semi-serious, and enter into a happy, naive phase of our lives' which may or may not be 'fleeting' / doomed to fail.

Just heard Las Robertas, and I feel like they might be 'the final piece' in commodifying the genre of 'female garage rock bands.' Even though Best Coast, Vivian Girls, and Dum Dum Girls already exist, this type of compelling band from a Latin American Country finally gives us a sample group from which to analyze these bands, and select which ones we want to be the most successful / authentic.

Sorta just want to move to Costa Rica and get into a 2 year relationship with of of Las Robertas girls. She would sing me fuzzy tunes on her guitar, and we would make out late into the night. Do u think Las Robertas are 'hot' in a way that gives them a huge advantage over uglier female garage-ish bands? Could Las Robertas capitalize on 'press' about how 'cool' it is that the internet 'created them' even though they are just 4 teen girls from Central America?

After 'debuting' on Gorilla Vs Bear, will they be flown to America for their first American debut in New York City within 2 months?
Do they remind u of a 'hot, Latin American version of Best Coast?

Even though Best Coast has 'been around a while', it seems like she is only 'just now' hitting her stride, both musically and commercially. Seems like Bethany Consentino has 'a huge opportunity' to become one of the most important important females in indie rock as long as she 'continues to release listenable mp3s', and possibly puts together an album that is conceptually coherent. Her Pitchfork ceiling is probably some where around a 9.5.

Best Coast Our Deal
Best Coast Far Away

A lot of people compare Best Coast to the Vivian Girls, but I feel like that might 'be an insult' to her, because her personal brand is more approachable than the Vivian Girls + her music is 'way better.' I think when you have a band that consists of all girls, it is difficult to take the band seriously on a critical or even on just a buzzworthy level, because you are basically just saying 'hey, look at these alt girls making some blogworthy music.' Hard 2 tell what is truly blogworthy, and what is just sorta covered for the sake of Joanna Newsom/Zooey Deschanel where you kinda get the vibe that bros just want to look at hot indie chicks. The male-dominated blogosphere can sometimes blog with their 'erect penises.' U need to strike a 'happy medium' of sex appeal and relevancy/quality product, possibly like Au Revoir Simone and the Dirty Projectors.

I feel like this new 'it', post-chillwave genre is not only about exploiting bros who want to go to a concert and 'romanticize' females in indie music, but also realizing that 'girls need bands, too.' Girls can be into Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, and crap like that, but sometimes they need something more 'buzzworthy' and 'underground.' Something earnest, something alt. Many major labels are 'quick to scoop up' female independent artists, since they are easier to market/ generate coverage + money from. Bands full of bros with stupid haircuts are a more difficult sell in such a saturated alt rock market.

All of these artists need to 'unify' into a coherent market group, and have a genre name that is more bloggable than just people writing stuff like 'reverby', 'beach jams', 'garage pop' and other stuff like that. Here are some potential genre names for this 'movement'/'genre':

  • fuzzy buzzy
  • buzz garage
  • reverb wave
  • beach wave
  • beach sluts
  • cutesie indie girls with guitars
  • blisscore
  • fuzz garage
  • garage skank
  • cutesy guitar broad
  • beachy fun
  • beach reverb
  • chill fuzz
  • relationshipwave
  • blisswave

Ultimately, I think 'blisswave' might be the best name for this genre, in order for them to ride in the wake of the chillwave. In addition, the keyword 'bliss' is an important brand buzzword. After the chillwave, there will be a 'huge backlash' against the positive vibes of that era. Many bands will try to go 'hardcore' (kinda like Crystal Castles & M.I.A.), trying to kill the vibes of the chillwave. The blisswave will go in an entirely different direction. The blisswave represents going thru an era after hanging out with ur bros for a year where you get into a two year relationship with a desirable alt girl that feels very real and vulnerable. Just want to get in a blisswave relationship with an authentic post-indie girl.

It seems like women are the best blisswave artists. Their vocals sound the most 'earnest' over the blisswave sounds/aesthetic. Even though bros are 'pretty good' at this sound, I think the sound of these bands might be 'forgettable' in the long run / they don't have as big of an opportunity to carve out a niche sound.

Think that I enjoy the bro band Beach Fossils, but I feel like I might like them more if they had a cutesy female singer, singing honest ass lyrics about relationships + 'getting serious' + 'taking a relationship to the next level.'

Beach Fossils Wide Awake
Beach Fossils Youth

Wonder if Pearl Harbor is the most authentic blisswave group because it is two sisters, and one of them is 13 years old. Wonder what it is like to be 13 years old and play relevant SXSW showcases.

Photo by GVB

Pearl Harbor Luv Goon

How r u going to evolve past chillwave?
R u gonna go 'hardcore' and seek out unchill vibes?
R u gonna search for something 'earnest' and go for an era of bliss [via blisswave]?
R u gonna go mainstream psychedelic and listen to a lot of MGMT?
Do u want to get into a serious relationship with an earnest girl who plays fuzzy guitars?
Is the blisswave female cliche the new indie female cliche for the next 1-3 years?
Should I move to Costa Rica and date some authentic blisswave girls?
Is this a 'coverable' genre, or is it mainly for older bros who want 'guitars' + females in their music?
Is Best Coast obviously the most talented performer in the blisswave genre?
Can Best Coast be bigger than Feist / Karen O / Lisa Loeb / Lady Gaga?
Is Best Coast a just 1 girl, or a 'band'?
Will blisswave artists become the 'kewl' topic for generic, voiceless tastemaking blogs and magazines to 'cover' for the mainstream alt music fans?
Who is ur fave blisswave artist?