Is Pavement a 'good'/influential band or just an idea that old alts are 'holding on 2'? | Hipster Runoff

Is Pavement a 'good'/influential band or just an idea that old alts are 'holding on 2'?

Sup guys. We're the Pavements-- a band from back before the pre-Ben Gibbard era, before modern indie distribution channels existed. We play alt rock. The alt-est of 1990s alt rock. Guitars. Drums. Guy with a dopey voice. Earnest Lyrics. Yelling. I'm sure you've heard bands that sound like us, but these days our sound isn't always 'in.'  Fortunately we're coming back and hitting the indie rock festival circuit.  It is highly lucrative to unretire, because people will pay u a lot of money 2 reconnect with ur brand.
Does n e 1 know what Pavement sounds like?
I have been hearing tons of 'rumblings' about them, but don't really know much about them. Think that I might be 'too young' for them, but maybe if I give them a shot, I will have a better historical appreciation for indie music + alt culture.

Just found a Pavement music video for 'Cut Your Hair.'

I think it sounds okay, but sorta like traveling back in time with a time machine to an era that seems chill in an 'ironic' kind of way. Maybe the 1990s are officially the new 1980s.

Maybe Pavement is representative of 'how easy' it was to be alt in the 1990s, enabling purists 2 glorify that era since every1 is alt in the 2k10s. Maybe if you get into Pavement in the 2k10s, you are double alt / not very alt at all.

They seem like the traditional image of a 'band.' Some bros who love to play music together, being a little bit zany, loving life.

The Pavement effect sorta reminds me of Pete & Pete, a Nickelodeon kids show that every1 claims was 'really funny' and that they were 'super into' during the 1990s. It seems impossible to believe that any1 had a critical mind back then, like we could really differentiate between TV shows.

Power Rangers = Pete & Pete = R U Afraid of the Dark = vintage memes from the past that we can use 2 'connect' with other ppl

Feel like we were trapped in front of the TV, watching mediocre tween programming before it was perfected [via Hannah Montana], but for some reason Pete & Pete was a 'gem.'

Maybe we just want to go back in time and listen to music that sounds like the Pete & Pete theme song over and over again.

Can't believe the 90s are coming back 'so hard.'

Just watched another Pavement video, and it was really 'honky.' Like some sort of wedding reception band, or maybe a team of dads/high school teachers who performed for the kids at the talent show.

Just watched another one. Seemed mediocre, like a band that would get a lot of buzz that I would choose to neglect these days because it wasn't lofi/electro/chillwave enough for me.

Wonder why Pavement 'came out of retirement.' Do they 'love the music', or do they just see a great market to exploit? Maybe they had to wait for their core audience to mature and generate enough annual income to spend on their albums/live shows.

Can't believe they are a Coachella headliner. Wonder if that is fair to new buzzbands who worked so hard over the past 5 years.

Should old alt bands be 'grandfathered' into credibility, or should the have to pass the same tests that new bands have 2?
Is Pavement 'overrated' bc they didn't have to compete with tons of alt/indie bands in the modern world?

Is it alt to embrace the Pavement comeback? If I embrace Pavement, am I turning my back on the state of the modern mp3sphere?

If you are an older alt, is Pavement ur last chance to reconnect with ur past?
Should tweens embrace Pavement fever?
Does n e 1 know what Pavement sounds like, and why I should appreciate them?
Is Nirvana really that influencial?
Would yall rather be alt in the 1990s, 2k10s, or the 1300s?
Should Pavement play a 3 month residency at a Las Vegas Casino?
Is Pavement the AnCo of the 1990s?

Is going 2 a Pavement show kinda like traveling back in time in an alt time machine?

What vintage band do yall want 2 'come out of retirement'?