Getting ‘hornie’ viewing Am Appy’s latest gimmick searching for the Best Alternative Ass. | Hipster Runoff

Getting ‘hornie’ viewing Am Appy’s latest gimmick searching for the Best Alternative Ass.

I was browsing the popular alternative brand American Apparel's website, and saw that they had a social media gimmick, probably meant to drive traffic to their site, strengthen their brand, and inspire sales. They seem to have built a web tool that searches for the best alternative ass/bottom.
It seems like 'social media/community building' is truly the future, as we have seen by the facebook, myspace, and twitter. The website features 'complete functionality' for a 'rich user experience.' User submission, progressive commenting features, ass rating scale, and an excellent user interface. I think the goal of the site is to 'turn u on' and 'get mad hits' from the hornball demographic.

I am not sure if this site is something that women will browse. From what I understand, when women gain weight, it goes 'straight to their thighs + ass.' It might inspire young alts to make sure their ass stays in perfect shape, but older alts who are gaining weight/past their prime might feel insecure and defect from the brand. Not sure if they would showcase their 'cottage cheese' bottoms on this site, unless Am Appy meets the demand for aging alts by creating a 'plus size' site.

What is ur ass like?
What do u look for in the perfect alternative ass?

Here is relevant commentary on some of the most notable bottoms displayed on this American Apparel social media experience.

'Dear Lord. Let me see that tong-ta-tong-thong-tlong.'

Always wanted a cute alt ass in an Am Appy onesie.

Always had an Am Appy knee-high sock fantasy.

Feels good to be closer to my Afrikaan Fantasy.

I think this broad is 'cheating' because she is trying to showcase her luscious vagina lips.

Wonder if 'butt cleavage' is going to re-emerge as a relevant alternative trend.

[via the joke 'I'd got something I'd love to drop in that coin slot.']

Not sure if this is 'progressive underwear' or just a 'wardrobe malfunction.'

Wonder why the 'lil twink asses' are getting such low ratings.

What was ur fave ass?
What is the best type of Am Appy underwear?
Have American Apparel briefs 'gone tweenstream'?
Are thongs still 'relevant'?
Are g-strings the new alt underwear?
R u an 'ass man' or a 'tit man'?

Do u think this gimmick will help Am Appy's brand, or will they turn into a 'hipster porn site'?
Have u ever pleasured urself while looking at the Am Appy website?
Wonder if the search for the perfect alternative ass will replace the search for the perfect alternative breasts?

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