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Horrorcore is bad for society/humanity. Horrorcore must die.

I have heard many stories about how music inspires people to perform terrible things. During my time on Earth, I have watched how entire subcultures and social groups can rally around aesthetically unified music. So many kinds of music 4 so many kinds of ppl who have different life goals.  I have also read tons of 'hard-hitting' articles about how certain musical genres are bad for society/inspire terrible people to perform terrible things.

Have u heard of horrorcore? It seems like it is probably a 'bad thing' that I am first hearing about it because some horrorcore bro just murdered 4 people; there is a 0% chance that I will like the music, unless I enjoyed murdering people.

This bro is a horrorcore rapper named Syko Sam. People in 'the real world' know him by his birthname "Richard Samuel McCroskey." Based on an article I read on the CNN news source, he apparently killed 4 people.

CNN: Richard Samuel McCroskey III -- a 20-year-old rapper in the underground genre of "Horrorcore" who sang of chopping people into pieces -- has been arrested in connection with the slayings. The crime scene was so horrifying police would not even describe it, saying only that the victims died of blunt force trauma.

I had never heard of the Horrorcore genre, so I had to go to the wikipedia to find out what it was: "Horrorcore defines the style of hip hop music that focuses around horror-influenced topics that include Satanism, cannibalism, suicide, murder and rape." It seems to make sense that this bro 'murdered some1' based on his affinity towards that genre of music.  It's like we all have a self-concept, and we can use music to reinforce our perspective of the world.  Just want to feel 'normal'/like some1 'gets' me and my problems. (Are musicians role models?)

Horrorcore seems like a very unchill genre. Like only 'very stupid people' would listen to that. People who 'did not fit in' and never really had a brain that developed after they turned 11 years old. It seems like if you went to public high school, horror-core fans were the people who were the highest on the 'I think 1 day this person will shoot up our school' list.  You sort of just hoped that they were 'too dumb' to plan out some sort of massacre, or that they turned to a life of drug abuse that crippled any sort of massive undertaking beyond 'getting a job at Taco Bell.'

CNN: McCroskey is a young man with no criminal record who took delight in the blend of horror hip-hop that celebrated macabre killings. He went by the name Syko Sam. In one YouTube video, he holds a hatchet and sings about killing people and putting their remains in black bags: "Last night I was the murderous rage. Now, I gotta get rid of the bodies before the corpses start to get to rotting."

Just listened to a Syko Sam song called 'Murderous Rage.'  Seems like a good title, based on the lyrical content.

The song seems to be 'dark', describing the act of murdering of some ppl, then the always difficult process of hiding their corpses and trying not 2 get caught. Feeling very troubled about Richard McCroskey's existence. Starting to get the feeling that there are tons of Syko Sams out there, all with some sort of repressed hate of the world, eager to kill people since it is the only outlet of their feelings that they will ever be capable of enacting.

Listened to some other song by Syko Sam (Honestly think that he believes 'psycho' is spelled 'syko' [via failed standardized testing]). The song sorta sounds like some Eminem song since it is about 'every1 in the world sucking' and killing ppl. I feel like most human beings 'wish that other people would understand them' and their request is probably reasonable since most humans are generally the same, but I feel like these cries for understanding/empathy are 'completely retarded.' Probably 'subhuman' cries for attention, since they are not yearning to be in touch with humanity.

Now that I have heard these horrorcore songs, I feel like I can understand Eminem as an artist + his appeal + his contribution to society.  He is sorta like mainstream horrorcore bro, and sort of 'softens' his brand by dissing pop culture a lot instead of rapping about hate and murder.

These horrorcore songs really make me 'feel ill', I think.  It is the opposite of chillwave music. I remember when 'cop killer rap' was destroying society, but it seems like some African Americans might have a reason to resent cops/the white man. I am not sure if Horrorcore bros deserve to feel the way that they feel.  I think that they seriously are the bros who 'cannot distinguish between reality and Grand Theft Auto.'  I even find the Dirty Projectors to be insanely more listenable than Horrorcore.

From what I have read, HORRORCORE BROS are actually known as JUGGALOS. They seem to take pride in being 'misfits', wearing baggy pants, painting their faces to look like clowns who are insane, and sculpting their hair with gel. Recently, juggalos have become an internet meme, since they are white trash with a LOLable brand.  I think that juggalos are not just whites, but any colour--the only requirement of their clan is that u 'feel like no1 gets u' in a dark way.  I feel like no1 'gets' me, but I still don't want to be a juggalo.

You can see that Syko Sam is a Juggalo/horrorcore bro. He is dressed in black, has a frumpy figure, and gels his bangs into lil spikes.  Most of these bros wear 'baggy ass' clothing cuz they come from a broken home and have only eaten fast food their entire lives'.

Juggalos are s00 misunderstood.


There are even female juggalos.  Check out this 'freakie ass bitch'

I think there is a 'natural order' that establishes where we will fit into a particular social group. I think that juggalos are 'seriously at the very bottom' of the social totem pole.  Like you genuinely have to be born into the perfect storm of tragedies to become a juggalo.

I feel sad that I wasn't able to go to the 'Gathering of the Juggalos.' It is apparently the #1 gathering of 'the most misunderstood people on Earth.'

This photograph was probably taken at a horrorcore performance where a heavy set 34 year old man rapped about having sex with dead bodies.

I feel very troubled by this 'subculture.' I feel 0% of juggalos have a college degree, or even an associates degree.

Even some krappy local news man 'interviewed' a horrorcore juggalo after the Horrorcore murders.  It seems like the horrorcore bro is trying 2 say 'just cuz we sing descriptive tales about wanting 2 kill ppl, it doesn't mean we would actually  murder people.'  Fortunately, he wore a sweet mask for the interview.

I am overwhelmed by these horrorcore bros.  Seriously feel 'ill' after reading about Syko Sam.  About to throw up after looking at Juggalo content.  I feel like I just wiped my ass, and examined my feces on the toilet paper, and noticed some sort of Gathering of Juggalos on my skid mark, then looked into the toilet, and saw that my log of feces consisted of juggalos.  It's kinda weird how there are so many 'dangerous ideas' floating around in 'smart people circles', but it seems like no1 wants to do anything about this 'dangerous way of life' celebrated by volatile second class citizens.  We must find a way to 'go horrorcore' on horrorcore.

The mind of Syko Sam
Seems like an unchill place
where I don't want to visit
like he is probably a bro who pleasures himself
while thinking of murdering people

We must put an end to horrorcore
Barry Obama must do something
To eliminate this subculture so that uneducated people
don't have this dangerous outlet
where acts of cannibalism, rape, and beastiality are trivialized
and turned into ghey rap songs with an Eminemy voice.

Feel very worried about the interests of society's 'afterthoughts'
I realize that we all can't be gifted and talented
but we must monitor the 'less-privileged'
Sorta would make me 'relieved' if my son/daughter was into the Jonas Brothers+HannyMontanny
instead of music abt killing ppl and fucking them/eating them

We must take a stand against horrorcore.
The Earth must be cleansed of Juggalos. Since we are smarter than them, we must create a new trend/fad/cultural movement that they can identify with that isn't so dark. U srsly can't trust stupid people with dangerous ideas because they 'take them seriously' and end up being more 'effed up' than they have 2 b. Would rather have my son/daughter turn out 'a little bit ghetto' and just turn into a 'hardworking person' after prematurely having a kid instead of compensating for their 'lack of a place in the world' by succumbing to the juggalo way.

When he was being led to jail, McCroskey told reporters, "Jesus told me to do it."

[Horrorcore Killings]

'The world would be a better place if every1 appreciated indie music because it truly is the best music on the planet. It is a healthy form of expression, celebrating ideas and themes the right way. Indie music will save the world.'

- Carles, 2009