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Are tweens too socially immature for twitter and/or fame and/or the internet?

I was reading that popular tween sensation Miley Cyrus deactivated her twitter account. It will go down in history as the 'most tragic' internet suicide of all time, since she had over 2 million followers. She has fame and internet fame that the majority of the world will never achieve. She didn't just have 'mad hits', she had a tribe of tweens who 'genuinely cared about her and looked up to her as a tastemaker.' I just want to understand 'why' she did it. Why she would 'throw it all away'?

I am so confused. When Miley first came on the indie scene, she had a lyric that said, 'She's just being Miley.' It's kinda weird how that cryptic statement is the only way to describe her enigmatic personality. It's like one day she is tweeting a bunch, then the next day she just says 'fuck it yall.' She truly is 'just being Miley.'

I have read 'doomsday articles' that say this is 'the end of twitter', since tweeple now have role models who were 'strong enough' to quit twitter. Instead of mimicking role models who are 'twitter addicts', tweens will now be more independent and mimmick role models who are 'twitter quitters.'

Miley Cyrus made a 'youtube rap video' explaining why she deactivated her twitter.

This video demonstrates the tween's desire for 'something more.' A lifestream of text filled with 140 character statements just doesn't give U enough room to BE U. It seems like Miley needed to do something that required a lot more bandwidth to 'get her message across.' Choosing to make a 'yewtewb viddy' was probably the optimal choice to break free from a limited twitter format. It seems like during this video, we watch a tween 'break out of her cocoon' and become a beautiful butterfly. She totally 'shits on' the identity that she created for herself [via pix, song quotes, musings] and moves forward with her life--a life that belongs 2 her and no1 else.

Miley Cyrus didn't have a traditional childhood. She was not able to experience social media in a micro-context. It seems like maybe she turned to 'social media' to try to replicate human relationships+interactions+socialspheres, but it was just this weird experience of 'people looking at her.' It's a shame that she used twitter as a 'lifestream' instead of a 'marketing tool.' Seems like she could have tinyurled a shitload of tweens to a link to buy her shit in the iTunes.

"I stopped living for moments and started living for people." -Miley Cyrus, 2009

I wonder what the general existential crisis of the modern tween is. What do tweens truly want out of life? I feel like most tweens would be happy with '200-500 twitter followers/fb friends' and feeling 'important' in their local high school scene (a $500/month allowance would also make them 'hella rich'). The perfect tween life probably involves 'being hella famous', being a 'musician', starring in movies+tv, and having over 1 million followers. I am not sure if the modern tween thinks about 'life after tweenhood' or if they will just continue to 'act like tweens' well into their 20s, still accidentally identifying with Disney family brands. It's really a shame that Miley gave up a perfect life on the internet. Hope that she doesn't 'isolate' her fans.

I think that Miley Cyrus wants to 'appear to be normal.' She wants to be a tween. I think that tweens want to be Miley Cyrus. It seems like these two entities need 1 another to have an individual identity, but for some reason, both will 'die trying' to be the other. Seems tragic. Almost as traggy as 'giving up' 2 million followers. I feel like she should have at least 'auctioned off her account' since tons of companies would value the opportunity to tap into her fan base. Maybe an energy company, or possibly the entire marketing budget of a pay-as-you-go phone service could have used her account to spam out coupons/etc.

Maybe we all want our moments to seem 'more meaningful.' Maybe we all need some sort of social tool that is a visual representation of the extent to which we 'fit in' with the world. Maybe we need a social tool to document our lives'. Seems like the modern existence is s000 frustrating, since we all have a creative side that needs 2 be unleashed, but we are only given social networks with limited fields to express ourselves. JPG is more meaningful than text. Embedded videos are more meaningful than JPGs. Will Google Wave be the most meaningful communication tool in the history of the world?

(WTF is Google Wave? Have heard mad hype about it. Seems like I should want it, kinda like a Wii/iPhone/etc. Not sure what it is, but I have read it will 'change the way the internet works'. Does n e 1 know if Miley is on GoogWave?)

Need 2 express myself on my own terms, on and off the internet.

Just want to be the 'ultimate artist.' Just want to 'seem interesting' to people. Want to feel 'transcendent.' Want my life 2 belong 2 me, but also want my life to make other people feel jealous/bored with their own existences. Does n e 1 know how I can accomplish all of this? Will deactivating my twitter/facebook help me accomplish this, or will it make it more difficult for me to experience a meaningful life?

Just want to be an individual
and let the world know that I am an individual
(I am me)
(I am me)
But don't want to let the world know too much
and dilute the meaningfulness of my life

Just want to 'be a kid'
Just want to 'be a tween girl'
experiment with boys, feelings, and padded bras
want my tits to look 'huge' but also maintain my social and sexual innocence

Want to tweet
Want to vlog
Want to blog
Want to be a 'musician' and write lyrics that appeal 2 a universal zeitgeist
Maybe there's a lil bit of tween inside of all of us.

Should I 'off myself' on the internet?
Do people who deactivate internet profiles always 'just come back' cuz they are lonely and tortured?
R u kewler on the internet or in real life?
Should I stop blogging and start vlogging rap songs?
Will tweens 'sit on their asses and tweet all day'?
Will tweens revolt against the internet when they turn 18 and make a more significant contribution to mankind than Generation Y?

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