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As HRO continues to 'get back 2 itz roots', it will attempt to reconnect with popular gimmicks that it once utilized. You might remember 'Altbro or AltBag' and possibly 'Alt or Bro'--both were games where you had to identify the social genre of a human being. In the following post, you are asked to evaluate whether the woman pictured is a 'legitimate homeless woman' or an 'it girl.' This is meant to question the reader's concept of 'fashion' and demonstrate the impact of societal role reversal on fashion as a method of self expression.

This gimmick is known as "HOMELESS WOMAN or IT GIRL?????"

Photo via the ArabParrot

Do u think the woman in the picture is a HOMELESS WOMAN or an IT GIRL?

Please justify your answer in the comment to receive your free I AM CARLES shirt.

For example:

'She is homeless bc she is really trying to take a nappy on the sidewalk [via her bed made of newspaper].'


'She is an IT GIRL because of her yoga bag and fashion-forward sense of style. Lovin the ironic rain boots. Gonna buy those at Urbby when I get my next paycheck.'


'She is a homeless 'it girl' since the IT GIRL bubble burst in mid-2k8.'

What do yall think she is?
Feeling confused by societal roles and could really use your guidance.

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