Trying 2 understand what is 'racism' and what is 'challenging the way that ppl think abt culture.' | Hipster Runoff

Trying 2 understand what is 'racism' and what is 'challenging the way that ppl think abt culture.'

I recently saw a viral meme, made by Nick Cannon and Nas, and it made me think about the state of 'hip hop / black / rap culture.' It seems like even African Americans 'within their ranks' are 'disgusted' with how things have 'degenerated.' In the clip, 2 bros are in blackface, and make 'stereotypical black jokes' and even use modern rapping techniques + drawls. Think it is supposed to be 'self-aware commentary' that only blacks can make, because only black ppl can critique their own culture.

It really made me think. Kinda made me feel guilty about 'getting my grind on' post-ironically when I hear a 'nasty-ass' top 40 rap hit. Seems like rap is simple--they just sing about where they used to live (the streets), what they enjoy (stuff that rich ppl spend money on), and what feels good (pussie, fucking, dranking, smoking, etc.) Seems simple, but maybe African-Americans are trying to 'rebrand' now that Obama is in office.

Then I saw Major Lazer's latest video 'Pon De Floor', directed by that bro from the zany Adult Swim film 'Tim and Eric.' It seems like it might be 'absurdist racist' or something. Like something that is supposed to be a 'parody' but ultimately speaks volumes about 'how easy it is to h8 black people' but also 'how fun and vibrant they can be in an entertaining way.'

It seems like they are 'making fun' of black people culture, or something. Like the dancers are supposed to mean that black people are 'only interested in sex' or something like that. Or maybe black people are 'too dumb' to be educated, so all they can do is 'dance in a sexually suggestive format.' I am not sure if Major Lazer is 'intentionally trying 2 be racist' as a complex marketing gimmick. I remember in their previous music video, they exploited the negro stereotype of a 'goon.'

Maybe I am overthinking this video, and it is just supposed to appeal to AdultSwimBros who just 'smoke weed' and watch 15 minute long flash-based cartoons.

Sorta just wish I could watch vintage 'racist memes' and grin without thinking 2 much abt what they 'mean.' Just want to 'go viral' with my MexiBro.

Not sure what I am allowed to 'laugh at', 'laugh with', and 'embrace as part of black culture.'

Feeling very confused about whether or not I get to even blog about complex racial issues like this. I feel like the only circumstance when African American culture is critiqued is when some rapper is 'trying to be deep' but ultimately 'trying to sell records.' Feel confused. Wish I lived in the year 3k9, so that then there would be 'no skin colour', and the majority of the world would be a 'creamy brown' skin colour.

Just want racial issues to go away so that I can enjoy 'art.'