Do u have positive or negative memories of box wine? [FRANZIA meme] | Hipster Runoff

Do u have positive or negative memories of box wine? [FRANZIA meme]

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Boxed wine, usually the brand FRANZIA, means a lot of different things 2 a lot of different people. To a lonely, abused wife in Ohio, it might be her only escape to the high class world of France (an escape from the bruises her husband gives her). To a French person, it might 'taste like urine.' To a group of tweens, it might be 'the only way 2 get drunk' [via aloof parents' refrigerator]. To a group of alts, it might be a cost effective way to get tons of bros hammered while chilling all day in a park. Seems like a universal drink, sorta like 'Coca Cola.'

I don't rlly know that much abt wine. U could probably give me some kool aid mixed with beer, and I would probably think it was wine. Not sure why it is good/what makes it good (I have never seen Sideways). It seems like Franzia is a meaningful brand, like every1 know what it is...sorta like the Bud Light/Miller Lite of wines. Might try it.

Might sit around and play 'UNO' with all of my bros in a public space under the natural lite of the sun. The area will not have wifi, so no1 will bring a lappy, but some1 might bring an iPod + speaker dock.

Might pretend I am a popular bloghouse DJ who pours Franzia into fans' moufs.

Might make a joke that my 'cock' has morphed into the spout of a Franzia box. Might make a joke about homosexuality.

Might morph into a bro who is in college, looking to get attention at a party, and build a Franzia Box costume, and put a 'glory hole' in my costume.

What does Franzia mean to yall? Do yall think it is tasty? Ironic? Fun? Cost-effective? Better than Sparks? Better than beer? Pussy water?
Do yall ever have picnics in public parks where u r the only alt people around, and all of the mainstream families look at you like you are 'a group of aliens'?
What's ur fave way to get 'drunk'/'fucked up'?
What does 'Grey Goose Blood Vodka' taste like? Seems hi class. Have only seen AltCelebs drinking it.

Is Franzia 'the next big alt beverage'? [via sparks/PBR/miscellaneous music event alcohol sponsor]

I feel like I can identify with box wine bc it challenges existing design norms [via bottles].
Have heard that drinking Franzia is 'basically like a homeless man drinking rubbing alcohol' to get fucked up. Trying 2 get an internship as a sommelier after watching Top Chef.