Might 'get in shape' using some indie fitness program. | Hipster Runoff

Might 'get in shape' using some indie fitness program.

Memehijack via videogum

Yall. Have been thinking about 'getting in shape' this summer so that I can wear sexie Am Appy tube tops instead of just 1 piece bathing suits to 'cover up my beer bellie' and 'show off my expanding symmetrical hip tattoos.' Worried that I look like an alt-Beached_whale. I saw this cardio program that is apparently for indie rockers. It seems like I can 'really get some results' while not compromising my lifestyle/personal brand, and actually jam out to some kewl music.

I feel like I can really identify with 'these tubby indie girls' who bought their wardrobe at Hot Topic. I think that the moves that they use are 'the exact same dance moves' I use when nonchalantly swaying back and forth at an indie rock show, or when I 'get my grind on' at a Postal Service/AnCo show. Feel like this might be the perfect gift for the 'overweight girl in high school' who starts to have 'indie tendencies' after she 'can't fit in with mainstreamers.' Then she'll 'lose some weight' and 'have a better self-image' while posting Feist lyrics with no relevant context/life-application in her facebook profile.

Just want to create products that are marketed towards people who 'don't know

What sort of moves would yall put in an 'indie rock' fitness video?
What songs would yall use?
Are yall trying 2 lose weight?
"Please use the comments to share ur weight loss tips, stories, and goals."