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Are slashed jeans the new 'skinnie jeans'?

Trying to stay on top of trends. I have been seeing a lot of people with jeans that are 'slashed the fuck up.' I think that this might be fashionable. I think that some people do this because they think that it 'legitimately makes them look cool', but other people do it because it is 'fucking ridiculous. I feel like it might be reasonable to slash your jeans at the knees, especially if you are like some sort of laborer who tiles floors, or does stuff that involves a lot of bending at the knee joints.

I think I feel worse when I see a bro/tween girl in 'slashed up jeans' than when I see one in 'excessively faded' jeans. Not sure if I'd rather have fade lines/slashes/ or just general regions of faded slashes.

Sort of want to cut slits at the tip of my pant legs so that the jeans fit around my boots [via crombie mainstreamers]. Might buy jeans that are 'too big' and I will wear down the heel-area of my jeans, making me look more rugged. It's always funnie 2 imagine lil azn kids in Asian island nations/Mexico 'fading' jeans and 'cutting them' to make them seem more rugged.

I hope they are being paid as much as Am Appy workers. Wish that they could file for a transfer or something. I think poor ppl in America 'take America for granted.' From what I understand, most poor Americans spend the majority of their welfare checks in the Electronics & Entertainment section of Wal Mart.

Not sure how to feel about pants that are 'slashed the fuck up', though. I'm not sure if you can redeem those pants at Buffalo Exchange/ur local thrift store without losing a lot of value. (My friend who graduated from Fashion Skewl is in charge of 'buybacks' at Buff Ex.)

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Damn. Kinda feel like making a joke about a 'weed wacker' or something 'lame' like that.

This has been a post about not helping ur dad do yard work, and staying inside on your computer, feeling angry that the lawnmower is so loud and u can't hear the music that ur trying 2 listen 2. This has also been a post about underpaid laborers.

Sorta miss stepdad jeans/standup comedian jeans / mom jeans.