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Where would u work if u were poor, uneducated, and unskilled?

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I were a minority/poor/unskilled/uneducated? Seems like it is hard out there 2 find a job in our economie. I think that I would probably try to work at a place that treated me with respect, like a human.   Just want to make sure I 'get health benefits.'  Not sure if poor people are 'smart enough to work at Starbucks', though.

What would u do if u were in a no-win situation and 'needed a good job'?

Might move 2 LA and work at the American Apparel factory.


  • They will teach me English
  • They will give me stock in the company
  • They will teach me how to make t-shirts
  • Can probably get a lot of free kewl merchandise


  • My family probs won't realize that I am wearing Am Appy, and will just think I am a 'fggt' wearing 'bright shit' that I got for free at work from my employer

Might also work at the Envelope Stuffing Centre at Netflix Inc.


  • Access to 'bad ass' movies: action films for black people, romantic comedies, movies about step teams, and movies about minorities who learn to excel in the classroom
  • Won't have to wait for a day or two for the movies I want
  • Probably could take my computer into work and rip movies on to my compy
  • Probably get to 'watch movies' while I work in Windows Media Player
  • Employee Snack Rooms
  • Cons:

  • Could probably just get all of the same movies on youtube/hulu/pirate bay without having 2 stuff envelopes with DVDs

Might also be Chili's Waiter


  • People will think that I am a bro working on his Associate's Degree at a local community college for up to 8 years
  • Will get to learn how to cook some bad ass party foods
  • Get to interact with 'hot, mildly thick' desperate broads


  • 40 lb weight gain and getting into a relationship with a fellow employee who is as sad as u, then living in a local apartment with him/her, then building ur whole social life around ur Chili's franchise co-workers.  Also getting tempted 2 work for TGIFriday's/Applebee's.

Might just settle for McDonalds bro.


  • Free meals
  • Free McGriddles
  • Free Hot Cakes
  • Free Sundaes
  • Free bluetooth headset
  • Get to 'poop in the ball pit'
  • Getting 2 interact with children 4 birthday parties


  • Having 2 work in the mornings 2 eat McDonalds breakfast.

I feel lucky 2 b me. Glad that I got to go to design school and live out my dreams working for an advertising firm behind some of the world's most recognized viral marketing campaigns and strategically created memes.

However, not every1 has it as lucky as me.

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Where would u work if u were 'poor' and 'trapped in ur life'?  What would ur 'career goals be' besides 'putting food on the dinner table'?