I feel less unique 2day cuz I have 2 file taxes just like every1 else. | Hipster Runoff

I feel less unique 2day cuz I have 2 file taxes just like every1 else.

h8 days
where society's laws are imposed on every1
they say that they take our tax money 2 'make our world better'
but feel 'sad and angry' that they 'waste our money'
on shit that's neither 'functional' nor 'bad ass'

Might need to impeach our President
if he doesn't 'get shit together'
and fix the roads in my local subdivision
or 'start using money more smarter'

Don't think taxes are fair
especially for the poors and coloureds
who don't even know how to add
nor did they advance to a level of math
that required a graphing calculator

Not even sure what 'money' is
I understand goods and services have 'value'
but I'm not sure 'money' is the best way 2 monetize our society
think maybe we should use more 'banner ads' [via dennys/am appy/shoe company]
or perhaps create a startup that specializes in human trade/slavery/iPhone apps

Sort of just wish the govt would buy every1 a laptop
provide free buffet-style meals for us
and let us chill on the internet all day
making memes, and spending less time building
infrastructure in real life
and start forging our reality around 'cyberspace'

Worried about issues like
childhood obesity
and obese teens making viral videos
then washing down their bad food with Schmirnoff Ice (aka 'pussy water')

Whenever I have a problem
I feel like my 'tax dollars' should be used 2 fix it
Sad that my parents got divorced
Sad that they were in a tax bracket that 'fucked them over'
and meant I couldn't go to design school in The City
because they didn't give me enough financial aid disguised as 'grants'
Maybe if I wasn't such a 'little ass hole tween', they would have stayed 2gether
Made them take me to get a Macbook on December 26th after I didn't get 1 on Christmas
and locked myself in the bathroom for 14 hrs.

I guess it's true...
the only guarantees in life
are death, taxes,
bros letting u down
parents getting divorced
signing up for a new social network every 2.3 years
and getting fat [via pizza rolls]

This is a post about h8ing Barack Obama and his failed regime.
What would yall do to fix society/ the 'taxation' system?
Do yall 'believe in money' or think we should have a new currency? What would yall call it?