Hey yall I came up with a plan 2 save the economy called ‘bracketologie’ | Hipster Runoff

Hey yall I came up with a plan 2 save the economy called ‘bracketologie’

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Yall. I'll be honest. I was a big Obama supporter--even supported him enough to follow him on twitter. I felt a lot of 'pride' when he was elected since I am partially 'black' [via Pangea]. However, I think some1 needs 2 tell him that the campaign is over. He doesn't need to focus on his personal brand any more. He doesn't need 2 waste his time doing gimmicks that help him 'relate 2 the common man.'

He should be President, and do serious stuff instead of watching ESPN, and being a 'bro who fills out a college basketball NCAA tourney bracket.'

Feel like it is inconsiderate, since our economie is 'in the shitter.'
Tired of this never ending public relations campaign when there are so many ISSUES out there unresolved. I remember when he was being a bro and drinking beer at some sports game, now he is trying harder to get bro-y with our nation.

I think that his act is as reprehensible and disgusting as the ppl at that one bank giving themselves bonuses after they got bailed out.
-Carles with a hardhitting opinion

h8 the modern world. h8 how leaders+celebrities have to be 'human' and 'accessible' these days.

some1 srsly needs 2 tell that bro 2 'get 2 work' b4 he gets impeached.