This is a post about Teen Parenting | Hipster Runoff

This is a post about Teen Parenting

It's hard than ever to be the (proud) parent of a teen these days. iPhones, Myspace, facebook, text messages, and lolspeak are some of the things a modern parent might be exposed to on any given night. However, there's plenty that you can do to make sure you don't lose sign of your teen.

  • TALK to you teen/tweenage son or daughter about their life. They want to tell you. Be a 'chill parent' and be accepting. You know--you used to experiment too!
  • SPEND VALUABLE TIME with your teen. Plan weekend vacations, or even a special night of the week where they get to pick which restaurant to have a family pow-wow at.
  • BUILD arts and crafts with your kids. Learn what they are doing. Spend time with them and create a myspace profile. You can be like them too. It's okay to be your child's best friend. Building arts and crafts means building a relationship with them.

Most importantly....

  • NOURISH them. Feed them. Feed your tweens. Give them life.

Don't be afraid to let your teenagers have a little bit of fun. Your teen will make mistakes. You made mistakes, too.

If you are the owner of an AZN teen, understand that you only have to feed him once a week.

Your teen will experiment. They will wear zany clothes. They might even hit rock bottom. But U have 2 support them. Don't be afraid. They will fail. The test of your love will be when their 'friends' drop off his/her body in your front lawn. Your teen child will be unconscious. This is where you must love them.

[Photos by The cobrasnake]
Don't turn ur back on your teen/tween when they start experimenting.
Love them.
Try to understand them.
Don't push them away. Hug them. Be affectionate.
Even when they say 'ur a stupid bitch cunt. U don't GET me. My friends are the only people who understand me', you have to realize that their friends will abandon them, and u can be there for them 2 get vulnerable with.

This has been a post about teen & tween parenting.
(This was actually a post about popular night life DJs pouring vodka into the moufs of teens.)