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Should I buy a lil alt?

I just saw the cutest lil alt when I was doing some online shopping yall. I remember back in 2k8, my big gimmick was 'purchasing an AZN.' This year, I think I'm looking for something that's a little bit more youthful and fun. While buying a lil alt might be a 30% increase in maintenance costs, I think it will probably end up being a better accessory/altSlave. AZNs are small, but u can't really compare their size to a lilAlt. Pre-tween alts are perfect because they are so energy efficient and customizable. So even though you're going to pay a bit more for a lilAlt, they'll probably get you back that money with fuel/energy savings.

LilAlts are more customizable than AZNs. I was actually thinking of starting a Human Trade shop in my local mall where people can purchase lil Alts (and a few high-end AZNs), and select outfits + accessories for them. (kinda like popular franchise BUILD A BEAR)

What makes having a human accessory fun isn't the fact that they 'help u with chores' that much. It's kinda more like having a tamagachi. When it 'cries' u have to feed it a lil bit. and sometimes u can play with it. but if it dies, u can just press the 'reset' button or get a new 1. The fun part is just 'making it ur own' and it doesn't require the responsibilities of having a child of ur own.

What type of lilAlt do yall think yall will buy?
(Thinking about adopting a pokemone from a 3rd world country.)

Is there a different kind of human that u are thinking about purchasing in 2k9, or is 'the economy' holding u back from making the $100-$200 investment?