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Unidentified Puddle [New HRO Gimmick]

Name That Unidentified Puddle is a new HRO gimmick where ur supposed to name the unidentified puddle lurking underneath the pictured indie-core bro.

[Photo by Pregnant Goldfish]

The puddle is probably
a) pee
b) period
c) Sparks
d) coffee
e) PBR
f) 5- Hour Energy
g) Coke Zero
h) Gatorade
i) Sinus drippage
j) miscarriage sauce
k) Love Juice (Moulinex Remix)
l) Chik Fil A dipping sauce
m) Grey Poupon
n) p00p
o) "Dookie" an album by the Green Days
p) Fiji Water
q) homeless man sauce
r) homeless woman drainage
s) runoff
t) melted CDs
u) trail of tears
v) cum
w) Windex/Lysol (he is a bus boi)
x) the blood of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson [via O.J.]
y) vomit
z) choose.your.own.response