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Homelessness: Big in 2k9?

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2k9 is all about taking commonly accepted societal norms and throwing them out the window in pursuit of an authentic alternative life. For example, the concept of 'having a home' and 'a roof over your head' and generating a nuclear family from your own seed/egg. I've never wanted a 'real job.' I don't need to buy stuff to 'be happy' or 'express myself.' Take this homelessBro. His personal brand remains strong by utilizing an AltBro Concrete Bed Blanket. The primary & secondary colours represent moving beyond neon. He also implements a zany-core, yet functional shoe-tying method.

Homeless people are kind of like 'as close 2 nature as it gets', and they 'get' architecture because they are actually LIVING in the city. There's more 2 living in a major metropolitan area than 'walking 2 coffee shops/vegan eateries.' U don't KNOW ur city until u have 2 find a way to hunt, shit, and sleep in it. That's why I <3 NYC. I was homeless there for the first 8 months that I started my blog (blggd from the public library). There's more 2 life than 'a roof over ur head and 4 walls around ur face.' As long as u have a MacBook, u can do anything u put ur mind 2.

Important Questions about Homelessness & How Society Perceives Homelessness

Do yall give money to homeless people?
Whenever u walk by a homeless man, do u walk faster and grip ur purse tighter?
Do u consider homeless people 'sub-human' or 'post-human' or just 'human after yall'?
Is homelessness really a problem, or should we just let homeless bros chill?
Do homeless people only buy drugs when u give them money?
Why do s000 many zany homeless men pretend 2 'be veterans'?
R homeless people 'just lazy' and 'wouldn't work if u offered them a job'?
Is a 'drifter' a more authentic homeless man?
If a homeless man attacked u, would u kill him since laws don't protect people who don't own property?
Whenever u see a sleeping homeless man, do u 'get kinda scared that they are dead'?
Can we 'solve' homelessness by sending homeless people 2 prison?
Will Barry Obama do anything 4 the homeless, or just focus on 'the unemployed'?

But srsly yall... Ever since my parents got divorced I have h8ed what 'home' represents. It's like something that is meant 2 fail, but ur whole life ur taught that the world is perfect. Think we need 2 get rid of traditional suburban structures, especially since hurricanes are getting stronger and tear through most homes built after 1940.

"Home is just a bull shit concept. I am depressed."
-Zach Braff, Garden State (Homeless Guy Remix)