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Should I start 'working out'?

I saw this picture of MXMW [aka Marc By Marc West (Jacobs)], and I couldn't help but wonder if I should strive '2 b a lil bit healthier' on the inside and out. Whether it's getting a SpongeBobSquareLeggings tattoo, or starting to use the on campus fitness center more often, I wonder what I can do to improve myself in altSpirit, altMind, and altBody.

There's more to 'how you look' than just feeling confident about 'how you look.' Part of 'looking good' means 'feeling better' on the 'inside.' Should I start taking spinning/yoga/step/water aerobics courses? Should I start going on spiritual journeys with my iPod a.k.a. 10 mile runs in the wilderness while listening to meaningfulcore albums in their entirety?

Will I 'get' design if I 'get swole'?
Will my personal brand get 'too mainstream' if I get too 'in shape'? Does 'being in shape' mean that u want to be mainstream?
Should I 'get ripped' and buy a bowflex?

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Are muscles the future of the ALT aesthetic?

Will the perfect alt breasts be replaced by the perfect alternative pectoral muscles?

Definitely time 2 sell ur stock in the Kute AZN market. :-(

Who is gonna bail out the kute AZN economy, yall? h8 finance. What does 'money' even mean? Who even invented 'paper that is worth something'? Shoulda invented 'debit cards' back then.
Wish I bought meth instead of the "stock market."