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Ladyhawke Has Asperger's Syndrome

Do yall remember when music journalism/writing papers in 5th grade used to be about writing intros like this:

Walking gawkily into the room, Pip Brown is a mess of crumpled urban-wear and ruffled blonde hair. Held together by a Patti Smith T-shirt, black leather jacket, hooded blue shirt, skinny black jeans and unlaced Doc Martens, Brown - aka Ladyhawke - doesn't exactly look like someone you'd go to for fashion tips. But she's fast becoming a name to drop in the music world, revered as much for her dress sense as for her 80s-referencing, melodic synth-heavy rock.

"It's really funny, that style icon thing," says the 27-year-old New Zealander, now relocated to London. For a start, she says, she doesn't wear women's clothes, like, ever. "I have this thing where I refuse to wear anything made for a female because I don't like conforming to gender stereotypes. It's so predictable to get girly-cut jeans and blouses. I wear men's clothes: jackets, shirts and shoes. It doesn't take away from my femininity."

Ladyhawke at some profile piece from the guardian:

"I have this thing called Asperger's syndrome," she says. - a disorder on the autism spectrum characterised by difficulties with social interaction and idiosyncratic behaviour. "When I found out, it explained my whole childhood. I told my mum and she said, 'That's why you used to sit on the floor doing puzzles for hours!' It was the reason I was so solitary. I'd say completely inappropriate things. The other kids thought I was a weirdo."

She mentions two traits associated with Asperger's: a thirst for knowledge and a love of music. At home, she would sit with her ear glued to the radio, or listen to her parents' Beatles and Pretenders albums. That's when she wasn't being sick: she suffered from a panoply of illnesses and allergies that kept her in and out of hospital.

Yall. When we think of blogIndieRockNRollers/AltCelebs, we usually think of 'untalented rich kids who play MicroKorgs/Serato.' We usually don't know the 'real stories' behind these people. Good 2 finally find 1 out.

Here's a list of other famous people with Asperger's Syndrome. Gifted and Talented people usually have it.

  • Woody Allen -wrote a movie about Manhatty
  • Isaac Asimov - invented 'science'
  • Jane Austen - wrote about anguished tweens from the past
  • Samuel Beckett - kinda invented postmodernism/hung out with Jamie Joycey
  • Ludwig van Beethoven - paved the way for bloghouse
  • Alexander Graham Bell - invented the telephone, txt messaging, and the iPhone
  • John Denver - died in a plane crash R.I.P.
  • Bob Dylan - paved the way for meaningfulcore music
  • Thomas Edison - invented light
  • Albert Einstein - was smart but never really 'applied himself'
  • Bobby Fischer - was rlly good at Chess, Monopoly, and Puzz3Ds
  • Max Fischer - was a gifted and talented kid
  • Henry Ford - created Toyota/Ford/Volksvageon
  • Bill Gates - Hired Girl Talk to say 'I'm a PC, yall!'
  • Al Gore - invented 'Global Warming' as a buzz viral marketing gimmick
  • Jim Henson - created 'Fraggle Rock'. Wrote the Sequel to Woody Allen's "Manhattan" about the
  • muppets taking over it.
  • Alfred Hitchcock - wrote spookie stories for SNICK. (Are Yall Afraid of the Dark?)
  • Howard Hughes - a character played by Leo DiCaprio who 'had problems', but still had a beautiful mind
  • Thomas Jefferson - Paved the way for interracial relationships
  • Carl Jung - Invented words/practices for 'people who can't deal with real life'
  • Andy Kaufman - was played by Jim Carrey in the movie "The Truman Show: When Nature Calls (Liar)"
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - paved the way for 'indie' musik
  • John Nash - a character played by Russell Crowe in the movie "A Beautiful Mind (Gladiator Vs. Joaquin Phoenix)"
  • Isaac Newton - created gravity with 'the large hadron collider'
  • Friedrich Nietzsche - was 'sad abt life' and 'had strong opinions' about 'God being dead, yall' for tweens to write on their backpacks during High School
  • Keith Olbermann - popular SportsCenter anchor
  • Daniel Plainview - Was an oil man.
  • Keanu Reeves - starred in Speed II, The Matrices, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, and Parenthood
  • Charles Schulz - invented "Snoopy"
  • James Taylor - wrote songs for Girl Talk to exclusively mash up
  • Royal Tenenbaum - had tummy cancer.
  • Henry Thoreau - lived at a pond without internet and blogged about it (on paper)
  • Mark Twain - was a member of the 90s AltRock band Tommy Sawyer and the Blowfish (Huck Finn)
  • Andy Warhol - doodled 4 a lot of money

Are yall inspired? I remember in the past I have accused alternative celebrities of being 'spoiled' and having 'symptoms of A.D.D.'/needing attention, but I guess I need 2 be more tolerant and try 2 find out more b4 I make judgments about people who are 'in the spotlight.' The article makes it seem like Ladyhawke is 'in the spotlight' because that's what musicians have 2 do, not bc she's entirely comfortable with it.

<3 post-tolerance <3