A Continuing Global Search for the Alt-est Couple Alive | Hipster Runoff

A Continuing Global Search for the Alt-est Couple Alive

[Photo by The Style Scout]
These two alts are so dark, yet so colourful. While their personal brands are very unique and unlike any1 else in the world, they somehow unify to prove to the world that they are an alt-couple. Holding them back from receiving the ALTESTCOUPLEEVR title is probably the fact that they aren't modernAlt enough. However, if they built a time machine and went back to the year 1997, they would certainly be considered 'Progressive Rockers.'

But srsly, do yall think they get buzzed on Jack Daniels and make wristbands/pant cuff decorations together? <3 alts & crafts <3


[Photo by HelLooks]
Old people r always in truLuv because they stuck together for such a long time. This old couple was alt enuff to be fashion blggd about, proving their relevance to a multitude of generations. One can only imagine how many lilAlts popped from her alternative womb. Some fashion critics have written that couples who coordinate their outfits are not vry authentic--however, if ur old, it proves that u truly know how 2 'communicate.'

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