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imeem Year End Playlist Extravaganza

Stop by to visit the imeem Year End Playlist Extravaganza. It's basically a one stop place to find and stream music from some of the top tastemakers around. It's a collection of some of the best blogs, publications/websites, and a few interesting artists/bands. So yes, you can see what SPOON, Ashley Tisdale, and Tegan+Sara have been listening to in 2007.

Most importantly to readers of HIPSTERRUNOFF, you can go there to get a sampling of what's to come in Hipster Runoff's BEST of 2K7 lists. There's also an imeem widget of the Hipster Runoff playlist in the sidebar.

The Extravaganza

More on imeem

imeem is also a solid place to find and unearth music, particularly if you are not satisfied with Myspace Top8 scanning. It's also pretty functional in terms of available widgets, which are apparently the future of the music industry.

For example, check out this early, early Teenagers song that I can't seem to find anywhere in the blog village. It does a good job of describing their plan to take over the world.

I know a lot of crap like 'top blog of the year' awards can be mediocre marketing plans for made up websites, but imeem and the collection of lists are worth visiting.

And on the topic of viral marketing self-awareness, the ultimate 'viral marketing' think piece: