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AA Halloween Costume Contest Commentary, Part 2

The American Apparel Halloween Costume Contest continues to add more photos to their vault.

As I look at more pictures of people in AA, I have finally realized that I don't care what 'regular people' look like in American Apparel. I only want to see the hotties.

I prefer these tights on males, personally.

You know, like guys who dress like this, except they are being serious.

Peter Pan is considering starting an online petition against people like this.

This costume of THE KNIFE is one of our faves.

Well-executed team concept that makes me want to see a Robin Hood remake in all AA.

Eddie Munster looks more like the ultra-creepy wallflower type who sends your GF creepy text messages.

The contest really should have been all about this type of picture.

This costume "American Apparel employees" by kids who are infatuated with their local AA staff.

I want to hang out with "Killer Whale." A concept like that could only come from a design school graduate student.

This costume "Pile Of Leaves" looks more like a 'we're a young couple getting married' photo that is sent out to all of their relatives with Wedding Shower invites.

We luv dorm life! We ordered these online since our college town doesn't have an AA! (Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more)

AA changed our lives'.

Mainstream girl secretly using Halloween to dress as a hipster.

"Hey. I'm taking a picture of myself for the American Apparel costume contest. Do you think I'll win?"

Commenter BEEF BURRITO SAYS: "Ummm, basically what they wear every weekend?"

BORING (There's a lot of them like this.)

Tenenbaum costumes are sooo 2001. It's actually cool NOT to like Wes Anderson films any more.

This D-bag looks like the type who usually wears his headband and sunglasses with a graphic t-shirt. (Yes, either the Express kind of with a complex pattern that involves a dragon or a bird, or a shirt that references a saying/fake brand from a popular television series)

They could have looked so sexy if they weren't so happy.